1. Work through a Bible-in-a-Year Program.  Actually I've already started.  If your're not familiar, YouVersion has a pretty slick website for Bible study, with numerous reading programs that offer multiple formats, cross platform compatibility, e-mail or alarm reminders, and even accountability options for reading with others.  The format is well laid out, and though I've noticed occasional non-functionality on some features, overall it's easy to use for reading, note taking, parallel comparisons between translations, etc.
  2. Read more.  This year has been tough.  With Noelle's birth, adjusting to a new job, moving, etc. I haven't really done much reading.  I want to work on turning the Netflix off and reading good books.  I've got at least 4 or 5 that I need to finish first, as you can see from the sidebar widget.
  3. Lose Weight. Again, I've already begun on this, but I'd like to ultimately drop about 40-50 pounds and get back in shape.  My metabolism is low enough that I can easily put on weight if I'm not really diligent.  But I did this once before and lost about 50 pounds in a year or so, it's just crept back up on me.  I'm doing my own informal version of something like weight watchers, and it seems to be working.
  4. Excercise.  In conjunction with the above, I'm trying to work in 30 minutes a day or so.  I just found out that there is a small gym at work that we can use, which means I can do it at lunch, and I'm keeping an eye on Craigslist and Freecycle for a treadmill or maybe an elliptical machine.  This video helped break me of all-or-nothing thinking that had me feeling like if I wasn't doing P90X or some such advanced and time consuming workout regimen it really wasn't worth it.
  5. Do family devotions regularly.  I've got this great app produced by Concordia Publishing House which gives you a daily Bible reading from the Old Testament and New Testament, as well as a Psalm (with optional pointing for chanting/ singing).  In addition there is a short reading from one of the church fathers or reformers, or one of the Lutheran confessional books for each day. I'd like to get the actual book, The Treasury of Daily Prayer, but for now this is a great resource.  Plus we now have a couple of Anglo-Genevan Psalters for singing, so I've got no excuse now.  I want Noelle and her little brother or sister to grow up singing the Psalms, and knowing the Bible.

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