This is a recipe that I worked out tonight.  Although I ran into a few hitches I think I've got if figured out.

3 pork steaks (1" thick or greater)
1/2 pound medium/thick sliced bacon
1 yellow apple (sliced approx 1/4" thick)
balsamic vinaigrette
savory herbs
crushed red pepper

Pat the pork steaks dry with paper towels.  Then coat them in a bit of balsamic vinaigrette.  Dust them with some dried rosemary, and whatever other savory herbs or blends you'd like.  (I cheated and used a pork seasoning blend with some additional rosemary and it was fine.)  You can lay some fresh sage leaves on if you like.  Finally dust them with just a little bit of crushed red pepper to balance out the sweetness of the apples and balsamic and give them a bit of kick.  Then place a slice of apple on both sides of each steak.  Finally wrap the pork steaks in two to three pieces of bacon apiece, using toothpicks to secure the bacon.  (In a pinch you can use spaghetti for this (as I had to), but only in a pinch, as it tends to not hold throughout the grilling process.  Now your pork steaks are prepared.  (One other hint: if you are not a purist, you can throw some meat tenderizer on at the beginning to soften your steaks up a bit.)

To cook the steaks, first heat your grill up to about 350-400º F.  Then, unless you either have some excellent method for preventing flame-ups, or your grill is capable of cooking very hot indirectly put a piece of foil over the burners you will be using.  Alternatively, and ideally, I think you could put a shallow drip pan under the grates but over the burners which would both serve as a flame deterrent and catch those wonderful bacony, appley, juices.  However you do it, just make sure you account for the flames caused by grilling bacon.  The foil on top of the grate method works well because it allows the bacon to essentially fry in its own juices against the pork steaks.

Cook the steaks for between 10-20 minutes per side, depending on direct/indirect, etc.  The  point is to hit the 145º F internal temp  you want for pork.  Pull them off and cover them with foil for 10-15 minutes to steep in their juices.

Enjoy each juicy bite with a bit of roasted apple and bacon and serve with a good medium dry to citrusy white wine.  Mmm.

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