I received in the mail today my wife's second (and belated) anniversary present (which might be just a little bit for me too): two copies of The Book of Praise: Anglo-Genevan Psalter, along with a piano accompaniement book, which will be of great use now that we have the piano my wife grew up with in our house.  All of which you can order from Biblical Horizons by simply e-mailing Rev. Jordan.  The Anglo-Genevan is just such a great resource, containing the best metrical versions of all 150 Psalms, as well as 65 hymns (with music), the Three Forms of Unity, Orders of Service, Prayers, etc. all bound in a small, simple, attractive volume.  If I was planting a church I would honestly consider making these our first purchase before investing in hymnals.  It doesn't have every hymn you might want in it, but it has a good selection, and getting people singing the Psalms so that they have a frame of reference for discerning the types of things God wants us to use in worship is so needed today.  I don't believe you can simply argue people into seeing the problems with sanctified pop music in church.  It is so much more valuable to simply open up to them the riches of God's inspired hymnal (even if it is in metrical form, although chanting/singing the actual text of a good translation should be done too).  I am convinced that many Christians would fall in love with the Psalter if they were only taught to sing it, and to do so with vigor.  I know I'm looking forward to learning it more thoroughly and teaching it to my children.