"Again, the question I’m asking is what do we tell our children?  That’s, that’s the way to summarize the question I’m trying to ask.  Can I tell my three year old child that they are right before God?  And can I tell them that their baptism tells them that?  That Jesus has claimed them, that they belong to him and he forgives their sins and he is, that the Father counts them as righteous because they belong to Jesus? I think I can and should tell them that.  And I think that hesitation to do that, I think is, is, is the problem.  Does that mean that I know that that child is going to continue in that personal favor? No.  You - - you can have children who are in that favor and fall away from that.  And the people who don’t fall away, the children who grow up and don’t fall away, who persevere in faith by the - - by the power of the Spirit are those who have the justification that is given to the elect."

Peter Leithart, Testimony before Commissioners, Transcript of Pacific Northwest Presbytery Trial of June 3-4, 2011, Pg 247
7/18/2012 04:25:46 pm

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