“In practice, being a Christian means accepting both a job and the tools with which to do it, and a Christian can be plainly, fully, and accurately defined as ‘one who has been Baptized.’ The baptized soul can ‘lose his faith,’ refuse the sacraments, give up prayer, and constantly commit the most scandalous sins; which would make him a very bad and inefficient Christian, but a Christian nevertheless. Baptism remains the irrevocable act of God which has ‘happened to him’ as surely as he has been born of particular parents in a particular place: extreme excitability, a loathing for cricket, and a passion for garlic may be a little odd in a Yorkshireman, but they do not turn him into an Italian..."

"Then there is the man who prefers the radio service to his parish church, which may indeed be more edifying; but Our Lord seems to have omitted to tell us on which wave-length sacramental Grace is purveyed.” 

Martin Thornton, Christian Proficiency, sited by Jason Peters in "Curiosity Killed the Keg: A Tribute," at www.frontporchrepublic.com

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