While I find a chiastic approach to the days of Genesis most fruitful as an overall structure I have no doubt that there are numerous layers of structural significance to such a complex and elegant passage.  The following stood out to me recently.  There are only two days on which God explicitly does two separate things.
On Day 3 God does two things:
  • He separates the land from the waters.
  • He makes the land bring forth seeding plants.

On Day 6 God does two things:
  • He makes the land bring forth animals.
  • He brings forth man from the land.

I'm not sure what to do with this but it's an interesting progression.  Perhaps there's something to the fact that in between he fills the skies, the seas and the heavens with their respective hosts/rulers.  But the land is for man, and from it's first appearance it is being prepared for him.  Though he is brought out from it he will rule and shepherd it's bounty and inhabitants.

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